#FitForMeThursdays & Workout Outfit of the Week – Skeleton Wear

This week’s Fit For Me Thursdays post is a freebie, so I’m going to start a fun new weekly post here on Health NOT to NUT combining our love of fashion and fitness.  I’m going to post more work-out clothes here on the blog, because there is so much cute stuff!

This week, we’re keeping with the October/Halloween theme and I’m sharing my love of skeletons and skulls with this fun skeleton-themed workout outfit.  How much fun would it be to have all of this to wear while you’re working out your body?

Skeleton Work-Out Gear


I just love the skeleton pants and shirt, especially with the cute heart in it.  SO adorable!

So how am I doing with my Fit For Me Thursdays progress? Nothing. Well I’ve been eating a bit better with lots and lots of fruits and veggies, but otherwise-nothing.  I’m still not working out or being more active, it’s pretty terrible actually.

I need to get back in the game.  I was out in the yard doing some yard work and I’m so sore, more sore than I should be, it’s time to get my butt in gear and work out these muscles and burn some fat.

How are you doing?

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October Cooking Challenge

October Cooking Challenge

Hello friends!  Over at my other blog I co-host a 12×30 Challenge with Chasing My Extraordinary.  This challenge goes on all year long, but each month has a different theme.  This month’s theme is Cooking!  Personally, cooking at home more and dining out less has been one of my goals for a long time, so what better time than now to actually stick to it? It’s the perfect time, seeing as I’m both fat and poor! Hahaha!

So I thought I’d share here, and if you’re interested in more info on the Cooking Challenge you can check out more details HERE.

#FitForMeThursdays | Workout Must-Haves

Hey loves!  It’s time for another edition of Fit For Me Thursdays!  Oops, it looks like these posts are the only times I’m posting… I promise to come back with more posts throughout the week.  This week’s theme is workout must haves! This one is a hard one, because honestly there isn’t much you must have.  If you want to work out you can just go do it without much else… However I’ll do my best to make a recommendation.


Workout Must-Haves

  • Something to listen to.  I’m particularly fond of my workout jams, as many of you may know since I post Workout Songs here on the blog most Mondays, but I’ve also been known to really enjoy a good audio book while I’m working out.  Just something that pulls you out of the environment you’re in a little bit (for me, it’s typically the gym-and it’s good to be pulled out of that environment!) and keeps you going and lost in the sound.
  • A water bottle.  Water is SO necessary, and you don’t want to interrupt your workout to run to the drinking fountain or to get a glass of water from the kitchen.  Keep your water bottle right by you and life will be a lot easier.
  • Comfortable clothing.  Pick a great workout outfit that fits snugly (I love yoga pants that hold my fat in place so I don’t have to feel it bouncing haha!) but not uncomfortably.  Also, as I mentioned in my last Fit For Me Thursdays post, spending a little bit on a cute outfit might encourage you to work out more.

How I’m Doing on My Fitness Journey

Awful.  I know, I know… I’m not eating right, I’m not working out… I’m just kind of being lazy and depressed.  I know forcing myself to get up and get moving would fix that, but unfortunately I just haven’t been able to get motivated even though I know I need to.

I made an agreement with Heather and Kristina that we’d start trying Yoga so we can get more flexible.  They both want to be able to do the splits again.  I’ve never been able to do them, but I’d like to try-so I’ll work on that. I need to start working on that.  We’re supposed to try on the 17th but I haven’t even started…

Also, this past weekend we went to  Salt Lake Comic Con and of course had our pictures taken with celebs. I look so fat.  None of us were happy with how we looked in the photos, so I offered a challenge for myself, Ken, and Kristina-and we are going to try and lose at least 20lbs before the FanX in March, and at least another 20lbs before Comic Con next September.  I need to get my ass in gear!

How are you doing with your fitness?

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#FitForMeThursdays | Fall Fashion for Fitness

Hello readers! It’s time for Fit For Me Thursdays again! New here? Fit for Me Thursdays is a bi-weekly link-up hosted by myself, Burke Does, and She is Joyful. This week our theme is “Workout Fashion” so I wanted to share my ideas of some Autumn-inspired workout fashion.  It’s definitely getting cold out there, and so I’ve got Fall and Halloween on the brain-even when it comes to workout gear!

I personally don’t have all of these things, though some of them are definitely in the style I choose when shopping for fitness fashion, and I definitely wish I had all of these.  I’ll keep dreaming… and pinning. So here’s my favorite Fall Fashion for Fitness:


Fall Workout Fashion


How fun is all of this?  I love this Harry Potter-inspired workout top and all the fun orangey goodness that I’ve paired up with it.

Some important workout fashion tips:

Try things on.  This is especially true with workout clothing.  Since you’re moving a lot when you’re working out, you need to make sure things fit properly and that they don’t rub wrong or get in the way of your work out.  The last thing you want is blisters or for the legs of your pants to get caught in your bike chain…

I prefer the capri style yoga pants for working out, but when it’s cold I have a long pair too.

Buy actual running/fitness shoes. Don’t just pick up a cheap pair of keds-you could end up with a foot problem that is a real problem, and it definitely isn’t nearly as comfortable.  I went to a local running store and got fitted properly and I couldn’t be happier with my running shoes.  At the running store they actually take a video and do a diagnostic of how you walk and where your wait is placed on your feet before fitting you with shoes that are specifically made for how you use your feet.  Plus, they make sure they fit properly for your movement, and they can recommend insoles.  It’s more expensive for sure, but they’ll last longer and make your workout much more effective and comfortable.

Get fitted for a bra.  Getting a legitimate bra fitting is great anyway, but making sure you have a sports bra that actually fits like it should can make a world of difference.  I’m a 42DD so sports bras that have real support and don’t dig into my sides are a must.

Get actual workout socks. Believe it or not, there’s a difference, and a good pair of sweat-wicking socks can help your feet and your comfort level immensely!

Spend a little money & get cute workout clothes.  If you actually invest in nicer clothes that you love, and put out some good money, it can encourage you to get out there and wear those work out clothes-thus, it inspires you to actually work out! I look at my workout clothes and thing “man, I spent a lot of money on that-I’d better wear it!”

Make your water bottle part of your outfit.  If you are always carrying your water bottle around with you as if it were a fashion accessory, it makes it easier to always be drinking water and getting that water intake up! You can do it!


How I’ve been doing:

Honestly? Not well.  I’ve been eating SO many fruits and vegetables lately though-so my diet is getting on better track, but unfortunately my physical activity is still low. My dog is officially off of bed rest and onto light activity now, so hopefully the two of us can get out there for some good long walks and outings to the dog park now.

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On the Next #FitForMeThursdays…

The next Fit For Me Thursdays post and linky will go live on 10/1/15 and the theme will be “Workout Must Haves“. Hope to see you there!

#FitForMeThursdays My Current Workout Routines

#FitForMeThursdays: Current Workout Routines

Hey friends!  It’s time for the next installment of Fit For Me Thursdays.  This week’s theme is “Workout Routines” where we plan to talk about what routines we’re doing now.

Small hitch?  I’m not doing any workout routines at the moment… I know, it’s horrible… I’m paying for a gym I’m not going to…

But on the plus side, I’ve added a permanent workout routine to my life in the form of this dude:

Handsome Bub

He needs walks, he needs balls thrown, he needs me to be a more active person than I have been in the past.  So far I’m not doing super great, but I know we need to get out there and take longer walks, go hiking, and do all that fun dog stuff.  Adding him to my life was one of the best decisions.  Not only is he company when I’m home alone, but he’s company when I need a fun little workout buddy-and I definitely have to build up some arm strength to keep a hold of this little guy.  That and work on leash training-he’s 65lbs of solid muscle.

So dog walking, chasing, wrestling, and ball throwing seem to be my current workout routines.  That and painting and hauling boxes in from the garage to unpack!  I want to add hiking and swimming to that roster as well.

What are your current workout routines?

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September 12×30 Exercise Challenge

12x30 September Exercise Challenge
Over on my other blog, My So-Called Chaos, I co-host a monthly 12×30 Challenge with Kenzie of Chasing My Extraordinary.  Luckily, this month coincides really well the theme here at Health NOT to NUT-it’s all about exercise!  So I’m joining up this blog, and I hope you’ll join up with us!

Also, don’t forget to come back for Fit For Me Thursday and link up a post talking about your workout routines or workout routines you love, or workout routines you want to try.  We’d love to have you!

Fit For Me Thursdays with Burke Does, She is Joyful, and Health NOT to NUT

#FitForMeThursdays: Motivation

Whew, first of all-did you see that we’re live on a brand new legit website? healthnottonut.blogspot.com is no more and www.healthnottonut.com LIVES! Isn’t it pretty? I finally took the leap and bought it its own domain and moved it over to managed wordpress hosting. Now I own my old data, and since this is something I’m paying for it’ll hopefully encourage me to update it more often and actually stick to my health goals.

Anyway, on to Fit For Me Thursdays, so glad you’re stopping by and (hopefully) joining Emilie, Anna, and myself.  If you’re new here, this is a bi-weekly (every other week) fitness link-up with different themes each time.  The point of it is to help us all stay on track with our fitness and health goals, and to connect with other bloggers and people out there who are also trying to make better lifestyle changes and stick with it.  It can be so difficult without a good support system, so let’s be each other’s support, okay?

Fit For Me Thursdays

Today we’re talking about our own motivation for getting into shape.

So what’s my motivation?  First, here’s a little background.

Well, I’ve been a big girl most of my life.  I was a fat kid who got teased in elementary school and junior high school.  I remember boys on the bus talking about how if any guy ever got with me he’d need “bigger equipment” because I was so fat.  It’s hard not to develop a complex about your weight when that’s all you hear about from your peers.

It wasn’t only my peers, but family as well.  Don’t get me wrong, my immediate family was nothing but supportive, it was extended family that wasn’t always nice-even when they had nice intentions.  I used to be afraid to go to Thanksgiving dinner at my grandpa’s (my mom’s dad) house, because I knew he did not like my weight and I felt like he was watching me eat.  At sixteen years old that same grandfather offered me $2,000 if I’d lose 100lbs and keep it off for at least 6 months.

He did it with the best of intentions-I know this-he only wanted to encourage me to be healthy so I’d live longer and be happier in the long run; it’s just unfortunate that (especially at that point in my life) it didn’t come off that way.  Those kind of offers and “encouragements” only made me hate myself a little bit, and hating yourself isn’t conclusive to making changes that do good things for you.  When you hate yourself you get stuck in this loop-I hate myself, so I eat.  I don’t eat to feed myself, I eat to fill the hole where loving myself is supposed to go, and I eat to hurt myself.

I didn’t date in high school.  I chalked this up to “boys don’t like fat girls” and that feeling only added to the pain that my image caused me.  For most of my teenage years I tried to convince myself to just be better off alone, because who could love someone who looked like me?  Someone who had rolls and flabby bits hanging off everywhere?  I thought I was unloveable.


I wasn’t.  It took a good long while for me to learn that while it may be true that “boys don’t like fat girls”, lots of men do.  There are plenty of nice (and also plenty of not-so-nice) guys out there that don’t care what your body looks like.  There are even some who prefer a body with some cushion and curves-and I did my fair share of dating throughout my twenties-and I did my fair share of finding myself, both in and out of beds.  Along with this, I learned how to dress and how to accentuate my curves-learning to flaunt things like your amazing cleavage will do all sorts of good things to your self esteem.

So let’s get to that motivation shall we?

I want to do it because I love myself.  This body deserves to eat good things and get out and move.  It deserves to not feel out of breath or sore because I climbed some stairs or ran a block.  It deserves to live longer, to not get diabetes (like my father, his father, and many of my aunts), and to not have to have my hips/knees/various other joints replaced (like my mother, her mother, etc.) when I’m older.  It deserves to feel good.

So am I pretty now? Definitely.

Am I desirable now? For damned sure. 

Do I HAVE to get healthy?  Not really, but I want to.  So that is my motivation-I want to be healthy and happy and I need to get my ass in gear and start actually working towards it.


Check out Emilie’s motivation and Anna’s too-they are my amazing co-hosts in this fun little linkup.  Emilie even reached out to me today to offer her support because she knows how crazy busy I’ve been with my new house and how hard it can be to stay on track during that time.  How sweet is that?

What’s your motivation?

Link up with us and let us know! We’d love to see it and support you also.


The Next Fit For Me Thursdays will go live on September 3rd, 2015 and the theme is “Workout Routines” so please plan to join us next time and tell us what you’re doing now for your workout routines!  We’d love to see and share!